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Update History (09/26)
09/26 - Find out abbout the Cancellation of the Propeller Arena release HERE.
09/17 - New page of EXTRA bonuses.
1st - Who are FAT WRECK CHORDS? Pt. 1
09/10 - DOWNLOAD pages now include movies.
09/07 - All eight characters have been added to Character Introduction.
All four vehicle models (and all 8 colours) have been added to Aircraft Introduction.
08/31 - Two new songs have been added to DOWNLOAD.
08/24 - Two new songs added to DOWNLOAD.
What is Propeller Arena now includes a page on Network Battles.
08/21 - There was an error in an MP3 song title in the DOWNLOAD section.
For details go [HERE]
08/10 - The image of Propeller Arena's top page was updated.
Updated a screenshot of "What is Propeller Arena".
Two more songs have been added to DOWNLOADs
Other Updates!
08/03 - Propeller Arena's official site opens!!!
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